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Skates are important! Good skates, with proper support at the ankles will help your skater keep good form and prevent injury. If you aren't sure about the skates your skater has, you can double check with the coaches the first day.

If find yourself looking for different skates for your skater, Spirals is probably the closest store, and is located in Barrie. They have lots of new and gently used skates available for purchase. The Figure Skating Boutique and Esta are a little further, but offer comparable merchandise.
Information for all three stores can be found on their websites.

Figure skate sharpening is also important; the bottom toe picks should never be ground off. Skate's guards must be worn off ice every time. Skates should be wiped dry and stored in soft guards/soackers, preventing any rust or mechanical damage.
Those places are specialazing in Figure Skates Sharpenning:
The Skaters Choice located in Barrie
Jakes Figure Skate Sharpening located in Thornhill
The Skaters Performance located in Newmarket

Helmets are mandatory for beginner skaters and not mandatory once your skater has passed Stage 5 of the Canskate Program, but is entirely at the discretion of the parent. Some skaters are more comfortable leaving their helmet on a little longer and that's fine (though most are happy to part with them as soon as they can!).

Skaters should wear clothing that will allow their bodies to move freely, but also keep them warm. Layers are great, they can always take one off if they are hot, but there is nothing worse than being cold out there! Hair should also be neatly tied up so as to allow proper vision. It is recommended to wear gloves.